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• May 30, 2018

From his humble beginnings reading psychology textbooks in high school, to founding Layer 6, one of the pre-eminent artificial intelligence companies in Canada, Tomi Poutanen has always had a keen interest in how things learn to think, be they humans or machines.

Now TD's Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer, Poutanen is leading TD's efforts to be a global leader in machine learning and artificial intelligence in the financial services industry.

Poutanen and TD's Group Head of Innovation, Technology and Shared Services, Michael Rhodes, were recently interviewed by CFRB's Amanda Lang for as part of her Exponential podcast series.

Over the course of the four part interview, Poutanen and Rhodes discuss a variety of topics, including the application possibilities of AI, TD's vision for AI in the banking industry, and the future of Layer 6.

You can listen to the entire four part interview below:

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four

Poutanen also recently appeared on The Point, the Economic Club of Canada's podcast, where he discussed the importance of keeping home grown innovation and intellectual property in Canada. You can listen to that podcast here.