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New offerings automatically adjust asset allocation recommendations over time OMAHA, NEB., April 26 /CNW/ - When it launched in 2003, the Amerivest advisory service provided an innovative way to take control of long-term financial goals. Through a proprietary five-step process, it combines ease and affordability to design tailored investment portfolios of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Today, investors can take advantage of a new type of portfolio service, designed to make long-term financial planning even easier. TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation (Nasdaq:AMTD) is pleased to announce Amerivest Target Date Investment Portfolios, the newest additions to the family of advisory services from Amerivest Investment Management, LLC. Asset weightings in each portfolio adjust based on recommendations intended to slowly reduce risk exposure. Over time, the focus moves to preserving capital for withdrawal. "Amerivest has helped individual investors understand that it's really not that tough to take control of your finances," said Dave Kelley, president, Retail Investor Group. "Whether you need the money in five years or thirty, these portfolios make planning for the long-term even less complicated and time-consuming than before." Six Amerivest Target Date Portfolios are currently available, each with strategies defined by an investment horizon. Portfolios with longer time horizons will have greater and longer initial equity exposure and experience greater volatility and risk. In addition to focusing on a Target Date, Amerivest can also tailor an ETF portfolio recommendation based on a client's goal, risk tolerance, time frame and budget. More information on Amerivest, including an online demonstration, is available under the "Planning and Retirement" section of AMTD-G About TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation, through its brokerage subsidiaries(1) provides a dynamic balance of investment products and services that further the Independent Spirit of individual investors. Listed by Barron's as the #1 Web browser-based online broker and Forbes as one of America's best big companies, the Company's full spectrum of services include a leading active trader program and long-term investor solutions, including a national branch system, as well as relationships with one of the largest networks of independent registered investment advisors.(2) The Company's common stock trades under the ticker symbol AMTD. For more information, please visit ETFs are registered investment companies that trade on an exchange like a stock. Trading prices may not reflect the actual Net Asset Value of the underlying securities. ETFs can entail market, sector or industry risks similar to direct stock ownership. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Amerivest is an investment advisory service of Amerivest Investment Management, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor. Brokerage services are provided by TD AMERITRADE, Inc. TD AMERITRADE, Inc. and Amerivest Investment Management, LLC are both wholly owned subsidiaries of TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation. Amerivest is a trademark of TD AMERITRADE IP Company, Inc. TD AMERITRADE is a trademark jointly owned by TD AMERITRADE IP Company, Inc. and The Toronto-Dominion Bank. (1)TD AMERITRADE, Inc., member NASD (link to /SIPC (, receives clearing and custodial services from TD AMERITRADE Clearing, Inc., member NASD/SIPC, and National Investor Services Corporation (NISC), member NASD/SIPC. TD AMERITRADE, TD AMERITRADE Clearing, Inc., and NISC are subsidiaries of TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation. (2)"The Best Web Browser-Based Online Broker" by Barron's, 3/5/2007 based on Trade Experience, Trading Technology, Usability, Range of Offerings, Research Amenities, Portfolio Analysis & Reports, Customer Service & Access, and Costs Barron's is a registered trademark of Dow Jones, L.P. More info on the Forbes award is available at For further information: TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation At the Company: Jim Frawley, 402-827-8928 Communications or For Investors: Tim Nowell, 402-597-8440 Investor Relations

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