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- In her latest book, Get Real, Patricia Lovett-Reid unlocks the secrets of success among 26 prominent Canadian women - Money plays a part, but finding your passion and getting real about relationships, career, lifestyle and work/life balance is essential to personal fulfillment TORONTO, Jan. 9 /CNW/ - Patricia Lovett-Reid has spent most of her career providing financial advice to investors, but the Senior Vice-President of TD Waterhouse has learned over the years that - for women in particular - happiness is not merely a matter of amassing wealth. The best-selling personal finance author therefore decided to focus her most recent book, Get Real, on the key areas of women's lives that contribute to personal fulfillment. "If money were truly the key to happiness, then this and all my future writings would focus entirely on that subject," says Lovett-Reid. "But every woman knows in her heart that success involves a lot more than making it financially. So I decided to talk to some of the Canadian women I admire most and delve into their lives, careers and relationships to find out how they make it all work together." Get Real feels like that moment in a book club among good friends when the discussion branches out from the book itself and builds momentum from the life experiences of the women in the room. The book examines the main currents of a woman's life that flow together and - with some good guidance and smart choices to set the direction - lead to what Lovett-Reid calls "the authenticity track". "We've all heard about the 'fast track' or the 'mommy track'," continues Lovett-Reid. "But these can be molds to which women often feel they must conform, and which can trap them and prevent them from fulfilling themselves. The 26 women whose stories fill the pages of my book run the full gamut of roles - wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs, volunteers, politicians, fighter pilots - yet they all have one thing in common. They live real lives, and they are making a difference to the world around them." The following is a small sample of insights contained in the book that can help women follow their own "authenticity track": Get real about finding your passion. For all but a few fortunate individuals, the vocation or goal in life that will bring us a deep sense of accomplishment is not immediately or easily evident. We need to actively go out and find it, however long that takes. Once it is found, the effort shifts to focusing it into a tangible life plan, and then sustaining it. Get real about your relationships. Passionate relationships and romance are what we all dream about, yet turning them into the great long-term relationships that sustain us throughout our lives requires hard work, trust and respect. It's a process. Luckily, women are especially good at taking the first step of connecting with people and building networks. Get real about your career. In today's society, your job is no longer a parking space until Prince Charming shows up or you win the lottery. It is what will typically occupy much of your adult life. Lovett-Reid and the women profiled in the book share the secrets of successful career-building, including networking, understanding and negotiating your worth, building self-confidence, keeping current, reinventing your career, and so on. Get real about your money. The topic is often an emotional one, inspiring fear, envy, frustration - and disengagement. A recent TD Waterhouse poll found 70% of Canadian women had little or no interest in investing and roughly half are panicked about the state of their investments. The good news is that money is one of the most amenable areas of one's life to the effects of good planning and consistent, long-term execution. Lovett-Reid combines her unparalleled expertise in financial planning and investments with the real life anecdotes and advice of women who have developed their 'money mind'. Get real about your lifestyle. Nutrition, fitness, sleep, self-image, stress, the search for perfection... it's all relevant and all dealt with as Lovett-Reid and the women profiled in Get Real dispel myths and share tips on finding the right lifestyle. Get real about your life. What's more important: career or family? We all have big decisions to make, and we all face life-changing moments over the course of our lives. Finding a balance can be elusive, and sometimes the issue is compounded for women who often take on more responsibilities at home. Again, there is much to be learned from the experiences of women who have faced these choices, and found their own solutions. "One of the main strengths that women have is their willingness to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions with others, and their readiness to learn from other experiences," concludes Lovett-Reid. "The wellspring of this book - and hopefully the source of its influence - is precisely that generosity of spirit that is so richly displayed in the pages of Get Real. My heartfelt thanks to them for sharing their lives and their secrets of success with all Canadian women." Published by Key Porter Books, Get Real is now available in bookstores across the country. About Patricia Lovett-Reid Patricia Lovett-Reid, Hon. FCSI, CFP, is Senior Vice President with TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. She is the host of MoneyTalk, a weekly program on Business News Network, and one of Canada's leading authorities on wealth management. In 2007, she was named one of Canada's Most Powerful Women: Top 100 in the Trailblazers and Trendsetters category by the Women's Executive Network. She is the author of six books, including of the bestsellers Live Well, Retire Well: Strategies For A Rich Life And A Richer Retirement; Surprise! You're Wealthy: Every Woman's Guide To Financial Independence, and Strategies For Women: Turning Dreams Into Reality. A Certified Financial Planner, Ms. Lovett-Reid holds the designation of Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. About TD Bank Financial Group The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Financial Group. TD Bank Financial Group serves more than 14 million customers in four key businesses operating in a number of locations in key financial centres around the globe: Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking, including TD Canada Trust; Wealth Management, including TD Waterhouse and an investment in TD Ameritrade; U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking through TD Banknorth; and Wholesale Banking, including TD Securities. TD Bank Financial Group also ranks among the world's leading on-line financial services firms, with more than 4.5 million on-line customers. TD Bank Financial Group had CDN$422 billion in assets as of October 31, 2007. The Toronto-Dominion Bank trades on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges under the symbol "TD", as well as on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For further information: or for members of the media interested in receiving a copy of Get Real, please contact Nina Keitner, NATIONAL Public Relations, (416) 586-1908,

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