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Volunteers to remove debris and litter from Parc de la Promenade Bellerive shoreline MONTREAL, Sept. 19 /CNW/ - What: To help kick off the 15th annual TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, a public cleanup will take place at Parc de la Promenade Bellerive on Saturday, September 20. Dozens of volunteers are expected at this event organized by the Biosphère and the Montréal Biodôme. In 2007, nearly 1,200 Quebecers removed more than 3,500 kilograms of garbage from 31 waterways in the province. When: Saturday, September 20 2008 11:30 am - Beginning of Parc de la Promenade Bellerive shoreline cleanup 11:30 am - 12:30 pm - Spokespeople available for individual interviews Where: Parc de la Promenade Bellerive Chalet, corner of Mercier and Bellerive Who: - Edith Ducharme, Director of Communications, TD Bank Financial Group - Rachel Léger, Director, Montréal Biodôme - Angela Griffiths, Director, Conservation and Environmental Affairs, Vancouver Aquarium Why: Every year over one million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and turtles die through entanglement and ingestion of litter and it's estimated that 80 per cent of this litter originates from land based sources. This year, over 60,000 Canadians will work together from September 20 to 28 to remove nearly 100 tonnes of litter from our shorelines and waterways during the 15th annual TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. More than 60 sites will be cleaned in Quebec and 2,500 Quebecers will participate including 325 employees from TD Bank Financial Group. For more information, please visit: For further information: Amély Tremblay, Morin Public Relations, Office: (514) 289-8688, ext. 226, Mobile: (514) 774-8522,

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