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TORONTO, Jan. 20 /CNW/ - TD Canada Trust has lowered its mortgage rates, effective January 21, 2009. "At TD Canada Trust, we know that, even during a financial downturn, owning a home is extremely important to Canadians. With our new rate reductions and special offers, as well as a variety of options at competitive prices, we are supporting what's important to our customers and, hopefully, making things a little easier for them in a tough environment," said Joan Dal Bianco, Vice President, Real Estate Secured Lending, TD Canada Trust. The changes are as follows: Fixed Rates To: Change: ----------- 6-month convertible 5.20% -0.70% 1-year open 7.45% -1.10% 1-year closed 5.00% -0.60% 2-year closed 5.75% -0.50% 3-year closed 5.75% -0.50% 4-year closed 5.69% -0.40% 5-year closed 5.79% -0.96% 6-year closed 6.40% -0.60% 7-year closed 7.00% -0.20% 10-year closed 7.35% -0.20% Special Offers -------------- One year Fixed Rate (Closed) 4.00% N/A Four year Fixed Rate (Closed) 4.39% N/A Five year Fixed Rate (Closed) 4.49% -1.10% Variable Rates To: -------------- VIRM Closed TD Mortgage Prime + 0.80% VIRM Open TD Mortgage Prime + 1.00% For further information: please contact

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