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TD FEF reaches major milestone by funding environmental awareness programs for recent immigrants

MONTREAL, Aug. 18, 2011 /CNW/ - TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) announced that it has just reached the $1 million mark in funding in Québec with its most recent contributions to environmental awareness programs for newcomers to the province.

Lending a "green" hand to newcomers

One of the projects funded by TD FEF was developed by Camp Cosmos. With its environmental theme, this day camp in downtown Montréal offers an affordable and high-quality summer program for the children of low-income immigrant families. With funding from TD FEF, Camp Cosmos set up environmental awareness projects, notably the creation of two native plant gardens, as well as a composting program.

Since its creation in 1990, TD FEF has helped numerous organizations promote environmental protection, as well as plant and wildlife preservation in Canada. Today, TD FEF has reached a milestone of 20,000 projects funded from coast to coast.

"Reaching the million-dollar mark in Québec and funding 20,000 projects in Canada are major milestones of which we are very proud," says Amélie Picher, Regional Manager, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. "We recognize these programs have a real need for funding, and we'll continue to provide financial support to qualified environmental awareness projects. We have funding available, and I encourage organizations to apply for financial support today."

"The gardens and composting program provide our campers with a hands-on learning experience that helps them better understand natural cycles, in addition to reducing their environmental footprint," explains Molly Churchill, Environmental Program Coordinator, Camp Cosmos.

TD FEF also provided funding for Project Refuge, namely the development of a garden around Maison Haidar, a transitional residence for men who recently arrived in Canada. Located in Rosemont, Maison Haidar provides a refuge for vulnerable men who have escaped persecution in their home countries. In addition to developing the garden, there are training workshops on environmental stewardship where participants are taught, as citizens and consumers, to act responsibly and sustainably.

"The refugees are displaced persons who have numerous needs when they arrive to the safe haven that we offer them. A connection with the earth has a therapeutic effect on the grief and injuries they endure," says Sylvain Thibault, Coordinator, Maison Haidar. "This garden will provide them with a space for reflection and relaxation, where they can regain control over their disrupted lives".

Non-profit organizations interested in submitting a request for financial support to TD Friends of the Environment Foundation should visit for more information. Funding applications are only accepted online.

About TD Friends of the Environment Foundation:

Since 1990, TD FEF has provided more than $54 million in funding to approximately 20,000 grassroots environment and wildlife projects across Canada. In 2010, TD FEF provided more than $3.5 million in support of 970 projects. Thousands of donors give to TD FEF on a monthly basis and TD Bank Group contributes in excess of $1 million annually. TD also covers the management costs of running TD FEF, which guarantees 100 per cent of every dollar donated goes directly to funding environment and wildlife projects in the community where the donation was made. For more information on how to donate and get involved in your community, visit

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