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TORONTO, July 9, 2013 /CNW/ - TD Insurance today offered important information for policy holders making claims following yesterday's storm in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

TD Insurance is ramping up to help quickly respond to and assess claims from policy holders. In addition to the teams already on the ground in the GTA, 125 additional adjusters from across North America are being brought in to help deal with the influx of calls.

"Policyholders can rest assured that we are using all available resources to address their claims as quickly as possible," said Kenn Lalonde, Executive Vice President, Insurance, TD Bank Group and President & CEO, TD Insurance. "We are receiving a very high number of calls, as one would expect, and we appreciate our customers' patience."

As GTA residents clean up after the storm, TD Insurance offers the following tips to homeowners who have sustained water damage to their basements or property:

  1. Do not enter a flooded basement unless the main electrical supply has been cut off. Make sure it can be done safely.
  2. Protect your belongings, to the extent possible.
  3. Do not handle items that are damaged by sewer backup without protective gloves, masks, etc.
  4. Remove undamaged items from the affected areas or lift them off the floor.
  5. Keep damaged articles or take photographs until your insurer advises differently.
  6. Store valuables and important documents in a safe, dry place.

For further information about submitting claims, please click here:

SOURCE: TD Insurance

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