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TORONTO, March 2, 2016 - TD Asset Management Inc. (TDAM) announced today the launch of two new private debt funds for Canadian institutional investors — the TD Emerald Private Debt Pooled Fund Trust and the TD Emerald Long Private Debt Pooled Fund Trust. These new private debt funds are the first in a new series of private debt solutions and offer a comprehensive yield-enhanced, investment grade fixed income alternative for today’s low interest rate environment. TDAM is one of the first asset management firms to make open-ended private debt funds available to a broad set of institutional investors.

These new funds can provide long-term investors the opportunity for enhanced yield within investment grade quality portfolios through the illiquidity premium offered by private debt.

"Institutional investors seeking additional yield without the additional credit risk are fairly limited in their choices," said Tim Wiggan, Chief Executive Officer, TDAM. "With our new private debt funds, we're taking an innovative approach, focusing on the investment grade spectrum so our clients can potentially earn higher yields without sacrificing quality."

New Private Debt Team
TDAM is pleased to announce the formation of our new private debt team—a specialized group within our Credit Research and Fixed Income team exclusively focused on sourcing and managing private debt investments.

  • Bruce MacKinnon, Vice President and Director, TDAM brings over 16 years of industry experience and leads TDAM's global private debt team. His primary focus is on structured and project finance debt transactions in selected infrastructure, energy and corporate sectors.
  • Craig Buckley, Vice President and Director, TDAM, brings over 15 years of relevant experience in Canada, Europe and the U.S. He is responsible for originating and structuring Infrastructure debt transactions.
  • Donna Beck, Vice President and Director, TDAM, brings over 18 years of experience and is responsible for the origination and structuring of corporate and real estate-related private debt investments.
  • Louis Bélanger, Vice President and Director, TDAM brings over 18 years of experience and is the lead portfolio manager on TDAM's private debt funds.

"As a natural extension of our fixed income capabilities, TDAM has broadened our solutions in P3, infrastructure, power, and real estate, expanding our clients' ability to diversify their portfolios," added Wiggan. "This team has specialized experience in the private debt space offering our clients the opportunity for a yield enhanced, investment grade solution for fixed income portfolios in today's low interest rate environment."

For more information on the TD Emerald Private Debt Pooled Fund Trust and the TD Emerald Long Private Debt Pooled Fund Trust, visit

About TD Asset Management Inc.
TD Asset Management (TDAM), a member of TD Bank Group, is a North American investment management firm. Operating through TD Asset Management Inc. in Canada and TDAM USA Inc. in the U.S., TDAM brings new thinking to investors' most important challenges. TDAM offers investment solutions to corporations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and individual investors. Additionally, TDAM manages assets on behalf of almost 2 million retail investors and offers a broadly diversified suite of investment solutions including mutual funds, pooled funds and professionally managed portfolios. Collectively, TDAM managed over C$300 billion in assets as at December 31, 2015.

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All products contain risk. Important information about pooled fund trusts is contained in their offering circulars, which we encourage you to read before investing. Please obtain a copy. Pooled fund units are not deposits as defined by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government deposit insurer and are not guaranteed by The Toronto-Dominion Bank. TD Emerald Funds are managed by TD Asset Management Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

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