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• Apr. 5, 2022

If you happened to catch a glimpse of the Toronto skyline recently, you may have noticed it looks just a little different than it has in the past.

High above the ground, atop the TD Canada Trust Tower at 161 Bay Street, on the corner of Bay Street and Front Street in the core of Toronto's financial district, stands the familiar TD Shield.

For many years, the bright green sign has been a fixture of the Toronto skyline, appearing in aerial footage of the city, and able to be seen from great distances.

But ever since early October 2021, the iconic Shield has been shining just a little bit brighter.

That's because in November of 2020, TD undertook a massive renovation project to replace the aging TD Shield – which had been in place since 2000 – and spire lighting that floats atop the building and replaced it with a new sign that is 20% larger and features a LED fixture that not only makes the sign brighter, but also more energy efficient.

What's even more impressive is that thanks to the new LED technology, the sign won't be limited to displaying the iconic green and white TD Shield, but can also be activated to commemorate special events, such as Pride celebrations and other events.

“To be able to showcase the iconic TD Shield and help support important moments in our community in such a prominent way creates a huge sense of pride for TD," said Mike Gould, Vice President of North American Project and Facilities Management Teams for TD.

"The new sign also replaces dated and costly neon tube infrastructure with efficient and reliable LED lighting, helping to support our environmental priorities."

"The TD sign atop 161 Bay has always been an iconic feature in Toronto's skyline," said Claudine Dupont, Vice President of Creative Services and Brand Transformation at TD.

"The new shield is not only a way to elevate our TD logo and showcase our brand on a grand scale, but also part of the fabric of the downtown core that Torontonians, and visitors alike, know and love. As we showcase content on our new sign, we are thrilled to be able to celebrate the city, recognize certain national events, and depict our values that make us uniquely TD."

Work on structural reinforcement of the spire that supports the sign started in November 2020, and the first sign face demo was carried out in June of 2021. Work on the new LED shield was completed in October of 2021.

The renovation of the TD Shield atop 161 Bay Street will mirror similar technology that is planned to be deployed at the apex of the new 47-storey tower TD is building in conjunction with Cadillac Fairview at 160 Front Street.

"Once 160 Front Street is completed, the building top signage and lighting displays at both locations will be aligned, providing TD connections in the sky for the East and West side of the downtown Toronto core," Gould said.

The renovations at the summit of 161 Bay Street come on the heels of extensive renovations closer to ground level. In 2018, the TD branch at 161 Bay Street was renovated to include luxe custom finishes, large-scale digital media, and an exciting new boardroom.

In 2019, the TD Wealth Innovation lab was established on a pair of floors in the corporate space above the branch. These floors are equipped with the latest in collaboration technology and are enhanced by open ceilings, large-scale digital art, working and café spaces, and an interconnected staircase.

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