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EN Header Security features of your debit card
• Nov. 23, 2023

Picture this: you lose your wallet with your TD Access Card tucked inside. You panic, worried that someone could be using it for unauthorized purchases, draining your bank account by the minute. You think about heading to your TD branch to report the incident and immediately request a replacement card.

But before you leave, you feel a sense of relief as you remember that your debit card has safety features – safety features that are designed to help protect you in the event of a misplaced, lost or stolen card.

Here are the top five security features included with a TD Access Card, which are designed to help keep your account safe.

Daily debit and withdrawal limits

Daily spending limits can help stop the wrong people from spending or withdrawing money over your spending limit.

TD Access Cards have three different daily spending limits – one for ATM withdrawals, one for point-of-sale purchases and one for card-not-present transactions, like when you buy something online or over the phone – which can be managed separately in-branch or via EasyLine. You can request a limit increase or decrease in each of these categories at a TD branch or by calling EasyLine. Once you request a limit change, it remains at this new level until you request to change it again.

Lock and unlock capabilities

If you misplace your TD Access Card, you can easily lock it via the TD app as you search for it. When your card is locked, only pre-authorized charges, like bill payments and transfers, will be processed. No new transactions will go through. Once you locate your TD Access Card, you can simply go back into the TD app and unlock it so you can continue using it as usual.

If you can’t find your card or believe it has been stolen, lock your card via the TD app and call 1-866-222-3456 or visit your nearest TD branch. Learn more about how to manage your TD Access Card on

Secure microchip

Your TD Access Card has a secure microchip that stores information in an encrypted format. This encryption helps prevent fraudsters from copying or accessing your card’s information when using public ATMs or chip-enabled terminals.

Fraud protection

The TD Access Card comes with two types of fraud protection: Visa* Zero Liability[i] and Interac ® [ii] Zero Liability. This means if your card is compromised, you’re not held responsible for any unauthorized debit purchases[iii] as long as you have met your client obligations as outlined in the Access Agreement, including the responsibility to protect your PIN.

Fraud alerts and digital disputes

If we have your mobile phone on file, TD will instantly[iv] send you text message alerts if there’s suspicious activity related to your TD Access Card. This can let you know, in real time, if there’s a possible unauthorized charge on your account and allows you to confirm if it was a valid transaction.

And if you spot an unfamiliar transaction and want to file a fraud claim, you can now do so via the TD app. You can go into the app and answer a few short questions to submit a claim. While there's usually no requirement to call our contact centre, there are two instances in which a call to TD EasyLine may still be required. If it is, you will be prompted to do so after filling out the questions in the TD app. If you ever need assistance, you can always call TD EasyLine.

To learn more about the features of your TD Access Card, please visit

* Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

[i] Visa Zero Liability applies to all online and international transactions. Should your TD Access Card become compromised, you will not be held liable as long as you have met your obligations as outlined in the Access Agreement, including your responsibility to protect your PIN. You are automatically protected, and no additional sign-up is required.

[ii] Interac is a registered trade-mark of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

[iii] Provided you have met your client obligations as outlined in the Access Agreement, including the responsibility to protect your PIN.

[iv] You are responsible for ensuring the mobile phone number TD has on file is accurate and notifying us of any changes. We will send the TD Fraud Alert text message instantly upon detection of suspicious activity; however, receipt of the text message may be delayed or prevented due to a variety of factors such as technology failures, service outages, multiple third-party involvement. TD Fraud Alert text messages will only be sent to customers who have a Canadian mobile phone number and a Canadian mailing address in their TD customer profile. For more details, please visit

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