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• Dec. 17, 2019

From helping Canadians find a greater sense of financial confidence and community, to supporting inclusive workplaces that drive innovation and creativity—2019 was a year in which TD focused on enriching the lives of our customers and colleagues.

How did we do this? Below we take a look back at some of the year's top stories:

Links off to story says Lunar New Year: Meet the designer of the TD Year of the Pig Gold and Silver Rounds.

Every Lunar New Year, Ashley Ang's parents would pick up the traditional red envelopes adorned with Chinese characters and decorative designs that they would then fill with money and gift to her. At that time, Ang never anticipated that she would one day have a job designing collectible pieces to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Read the story as Ang, now a TD Securities Creative Services senior designer, gives us an inside look at the creative process behind our Year of the Pig Gold and Silver Rounds.

Links off to story How digital banking is helping this influencer find her financial work-life balance

When Vanessa Ortali launched her business, The Ladies Community, she knew there would be a few challenges, including managing both her personal finances and the changing demands of her expanding business (oh and all while staying focused on her personal financial goals).

Watch how entrepreneurs like Ortali are using digital banking platforms and applications to manage and organize their personal and business finances through a single platform when they want, and from anywhere they happen to be.

Links off to story Why I never self disclosed as Indigenous in workplace diversity surveys (and now do)

TD Branch Manager James Baxter shares why he once used to refrain from revealing he was full status Cree from the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation in yearly employment equity surveys, and now does.

What changed? Read how an open and inclusive culture led Baxter to reflect on his own self-disclosure journey and helped to change his mind.

Links off to story How one new Canadian found financial confidence after losing his life savings

According to a survey of roughly 13,000 Canadians, 79 per cent of respondents said they don't confident about their financial future. Like many Canadians, Anand Soukur was no exception.

Watch Soukur's story to hear about him losing his entire savings in India, his journey of coming to Canada to start a new life, and how the decisions he made helped him become financially confident.

Links off to story Planting seeds of hope and inclusion in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside

And finally, read how Hives for Humanity—a non-profit organization that began in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES) in 2012 is helping to cultivate a sense of community, belonging and self-worth for members of the neighbourhood's homeless and at-risk residents.

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