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• Sep. 7, 2023

With the hustle and bustle of summer in the rearview, fall is the perfect time for a getaway to make the most of this gloriously cozy season.

While you might not have a big vacation scheduled, even a last-minute getaway to take in the fall foliage or a day trip to a nearby pumpkin patch can benefit from a little bit of planning. Whether planned or more spontaneous, one thing to consider before you head out, is checking your TD Rewards Points in your TD app to see if you can redeem them for your vacation.

(To find your TD Rewards Points on your TD app, go to your credit card account in-app and look under the Rewards section, which is marked with a gift icon).

Even if you forget, look out for digital "nudges" in your TD app that act as reminders about using your points with a range of TD loyalty partners, including: Starbucks, Amazon and Expedia For TD. The nudges are designed to provide you with personalized suggestions based on your spending habits.

For instance, if you shop at frequently, and have TD Rewards Points to redeem, you might get an in-app nudge informing you that you can use your points towards your next purchase with Amazon Shop with Points.

"We are always focused on digital innovations that help us get to know our customers better, so we can provide them with the right information at the right time. Our hope is that digital nudges create value for our customers, in a seamless, helpful way," says Imran Khan, Head of Innovation at TD.

This fall, whether you're planning a last-minute getaway or a staycation, here are some ideas for how you could use your TD Rewards Points:

Booking travel

Fall weekends are precious – long weekends, even more so. So, if you're planning to escape for a few days, you can redeem your TD Rewards Points at Expedia For TD, a travel site exclusively for TD Travel Rewards Credit Cardholders, where you can book hotels, flights, car rentals and more.

What are your points worth for travel? You can redeem 50,000 TD Rewards Points at, which is equal to $250 towards your next hotel, flight or travel-related purchase.[i]

Last-minute essentials

Picture this: you're packing for an autumn cottage weekend away when you realize you forgot to buy hiking boots, a thermos (for hot apple cider) or another outdoor essential. Instead of scouring nearby stores before you leave, you decide to get your goods delivered to your door.

If you shop via, through Amazon Shop with Points, you can redeem your TD Rewards Points at checkout. Each increment of 10,000 TD Rewards Points is worth $33 off your purchase.

On-the-road treats

For many, the first stop on any trip – whether you're traveling by air, car or train – is to Starbucks. You can gift yourself a little something extra by redeeming 4,000 TD Rewards Points for 400 Starbucks Stars, equivalent to two lattes or two hot breakfast sandwiches.[ii]

Even if you're not ready to use your points, TD Rewards cards linked to your Starbucks® Rewards Account earn you 50% more TD Rewards Points and 50% more Stars on eligible purchases or Starbucks Card reloads using the Starbucks app.

[i] TD Rewards Points must be redeemed in minimum 200-point increments for travel purchases charged to your Card that are booked online or by phone through Expedia For TD. For travel purchases charged to your Card that are not booked through Expedia For TD, TD Rewards Points must be redeemed in minimum increments of 200 or 250 points.

[ii] See Starbucks® Rewards Terms of Use for details on redeeming Stars for Rewards

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