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• Jul 15, 2021

Planning a wedding is almost always stressful – but especially during a global pandemic, as couples deal with the impact of lockdowns, gathering restrictions, and possible changes in income.

According to Love and Money, a recent survey from TD exploring the financial behaviours of more than 3,000 married, in a relationship, or divorced North Americans, more than half of engaged Canadian couples polled either postponed or downsized their weddings because of COVID-19.

Canadians like Alex and Cassandra, and Reid and Amanda, were two of many couples who changed their wedding plans because of the pandemic, and found themselves debating some big financial questions as a result.

"Candid and frequent conversations about money are an essential part of establishing and maintaining a successful financial relationship," says Frank Psoras, SVP, Money-In Solutions.

"From moving in together, to planning a wedding, buying a home, having a family or saving for education and retirement – every couple has a unique situation. Seeking personalized, financial advice from a professional and developing a plan can help you achieve your financial goals."

Watch the video to see how both couples worked together to creatively adjust their wedding plans during COVID-19 without giving up on their wedding dreams, and what they were able to do with the money they saved from downsizing their big day.

Read the results of the TD Love & Money survey which explores how Canadian couples surveyed approached love and money during the pandemic. You can also visit TD Ready Advice for financial information, articles and tips.

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