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- Survey to mark TD Canada Trust's longer hours and the hour most Canadians gain this weekend, shows that if Canadians were given an extra hour, sleep would be their number one choice; but more women likely to read than men - National branch giveaways include gas cards, free coffee and paper, gift cards, chance to win flat screen TV (details below) - New longer hours at TD Canada Trust the equivalent of 190 new branches - TD Canada Trust now open on average 50% longer than the other banks TORONTO, Nov. 1 /CNW/ - Today is the day that TD Canada Trust branches across Canada switch to even longer hours. The equivalent of opening 190 new branches Under the banner "open 8 'til late - six days straight" the bank that already had the longest hours in Canada is now open for business even longer - the equivalent of opening 190 new branches. The change, first announced in June, 2007, means that TD Canada Trust is now open, on average, 50% longer than the other banks. "When we first announced our longer hours, the response from customers was phenomenal," said Tim Hockey, Group Head TD Personal Banking, Co-Chair TD Canada Trust. "What they love about the longer hours is not just the added convenience of being able to bank when they want; they like the consistency too. With very few exceptions, no matter where you are, you'll know that you can go to a TD Canada Trust branch and we'll be open at 8 am six days a week, until later on most days, and every Saturday." "It's been a huge investment for us, and something that has taken months to organize, but the result is that customers will experience convenience beyond anything they can get elsewhere, and that makes it worth the effort," added Hockey. New jobs in communities across Canada Longer hours means more jobs as well. TD Canada Trust has been successfully recruiting in communities across Canada and will continue to hire for some time. "We're finding that people like the flexibility of working at our branches," said Hockey. "We've been hiring many full time people, but we also get a lot of students who are looking for part time hours to help support themselves at university or college. In fact, I did the same thing when I was at university back in the '80s - that's how I got my start at TD." Canadians say what they'd do with an extra hour To help celebrate the launch of the new hours, as well as the extra hour most of us get from the switch to Standard Time this weekend, TD Canada Trust commissioned Ipsos Reid to ask Canadians what they'd do with an extra hour in the day. Unsurprisingly, given the hectic pace of life these days, most respondents (23%) said they'd sleep. The next most popular choice was reading at 20%, followed by: - schoolwork, volunteer activities or housework at 12% - spending time with the family or children at 11% - just relaxing at 9% - exercising or going to the gym at 6%, - watching TV or movies at 5% - leisure and recreational activities at 5% - and playing sports at 4% There are differences depending on which part of the country you're from, British Columbians are the most likely to sleep (28%), while, right next door, Albertans, who prefer to read and spend time with family (18% and 15% respectively), put sleeping down further on the list than any other province, at 17%. While sleeping and reading top the list in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Prairies are also the place where respondents were most likely to want to spend the extra time with family and children (18%). Ontarian's are all for sleeping as well (23%), though, notably, they'd rather volunteer or do school work or housework (11%) than use the extra time to hang out with family (10%). As with so many other things, women and men tend to differ on the question of what they'd do with an extra hour. Women prefer reading during their extra hour by a margin of 27% to 11% when compared with men. Men, on the other hand, would rather grab an extra hour of sleep, at 27% versus 19% for women. "Whatever their preferences, one thing we can be pretty sure of is that people probably don't want to spend their free time worrying about banking. With longer hours, they don't have to. They can bank whenever it's convenient for them, which just makes sense," concluded Hockey. Major ad campaign and giveaways in branches The launch of new hours at TD Canada Trust is being supported by a major advertising campaign on television, in major dailies, and on billboards across Canada. In-branch promotions will include the following customer giveaways: - On November 3rd, $10 PetroCanada gas cards will be handed out to the first 25 customers - The week of November 5th, the first 40 customers will get a coupon for Tim Horton's and a newspaper. - The week of November 12th, the first 25 customers will receive a $10 Indigo/Chapters gift card and/or a reusable shopping bag. - The week of November 19th, during the first hour open, everyone will get the chance to win a flat screen television - one per branch. Consistently recognized as the best in customer service by Synovate and J.D. Power and Associates, TD Canada Trust serves more than 10 million personal, small business and commercial banking customers across Canada through an expanding network of more than a thousand conveniently located branches - many featuring the services of TD Waterhouse wealth management professionals, including Financial Planners - and 2,500 Green Machine ABMs, over the telephone with EasyLine, and online through the award-winning EasyWeb. The fastest growing branch network in Canada, TD Canada Trust has opened more than 100 new branches in four years - 38 this year alone - and will continue to open even more in communities across the country. TD has been recognized as a top employer by Maclean's, Canadian Business, the Toronto Star, and the Financial Post. About TD Bank Financial Group The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its subsidiaries are collectively known as TD Bank Financial Group. The Bank serves more than 14 million customers in four key businesses operating in a number of locations in key financial centres around the globe: Canadian Personal and Commercial Banking, including TD Canada Trust as well as the Bank's global insurance operations (excluding the U.S.); Wealth Management, including TD Waterhouse Canada, TD Waterhouse U.K. and the Bank's investment in TD Ameritrade; U.S. Personal and Commercial Banking through TD Banknorth; and Wholesale Banking, including TD Securities. The Bank also ranks among the world's leading on-line financial services firms, with more than 4.5 million on-line customers. The Bank had $404 billion in assets as at July 31, 2007. The Bank is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The Bank's common stock is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange under symbol: TD, as well as on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. For further information: Kelly Hechler, Media Relations, Corporate and Public Affairs, TD Bank Financial Group, (416) 982-2469,

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