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- TD Canada Trust Mobile Mortgage Specialists will meet homebuyers where and when it's convenient for them TORONTO, March 30 /CNW/ - The "Grumpy Old Men" are back. The elderly bench sitters in TD Canada Trust's popular and funny TV ad are grumpy as ever and talking about TD's Mobile Mortgage Specialists. "I am too important to leave the comfort of my own home." "Bring my groceries. Bring me pizza." "Bring me a mortgage." But real customers are thrilled. When Peter Finczak's customer, a truck driver, needed to get his mortgage done but couldn't find the time, Peter joined him on the road. "My customer was a transport driver on a run and it was just really tough for him to find the time to get into a branch, even with our longer hours. Rather than make him wait to arrange his mortgage, he drove and I wrote and we got a lot of it done between Edmonton and Jasper," laughs Peter. While examples like Peter's don't happen every day, TD Canada Trust does make financing a home more comfortable for thousands of customers by "bringing the bank" to them through more than 615 mobile mortgage specialists. TD Canada Trust Mobile Mortgage Specialists across Canada provide exceptional service and advice, as well as competitive mortgage products, at times and locations that suit customers' busy schedules. "For some people, it's hard to find the time to discuss their mortgage," says Kevin Moffatt, Vice President, Mobile Mortgage Specialists, TD Canada Trust. "We have customers with extremely hectic professional lives, customers on shift work, and customers with small children, to name a few. These are people with very little flexibility in their schedules, so having a mortgage expert visit them at home, or at work, in the evening or even on the weekend is a huge convenience for them." TD Canada Trust's Mobile Mortgage Specialists: - Specialize in mortgages and home equity lines of credit - Meet customers when and where it's convenient for them - Assess customers' unique financing needs and discuss the best options - Assist customers through the mortgage application process Meet you at your kitchen table - I'll bring the coffee Georgia Stamatakos is a Mobile Mortgage Specialist for TD Canada Trust in the Toronto area who recently appeared on HGTV's second season of Marriage Under Construction: "On the first episode of Marriage Under Construction, I met the couple in their home to discuss their financing because it was easier for them. In off screen life, I've also had customers with very small children ask me if I can come to their home to do a mortgage application. Of course the answer was yes - I even brought the coffee! With the kids taken care of, customers can concentrate on buying a home and I get to work with someone who is relaxed and focused. Sometimes it's a busy work schedule, or maybe the customer is dealing with a serious personal matter, whatever the reason, my flexibility and ability to do "house calls" (as one customer calls them) never fails to please." While most meetings take place in relatively unremarkable locations like a workplace or a home, when we asked our mobile mortgage specialists for some of the more unusual places they've met a customer to discuss a mortgage or a home equity line of credit, some of the answers were surprising. Locations include: - At the airport, between connections - At the hospital, during a patients stay - On a ski hill - On a golf course - In another city For more information or to contact a Mobile Mortgage Specialist, homebuyers can visit For further information: Tashlin Hirani, TD Bank Financial Group, (416) 982-3375,

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