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TORONTO, March 4, 2014 /CNW/ - Today Social and Enterprise Development Innovations (SEDI) announced that the TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund awarded $1.4 million in grants to 19 community organizations engaged in financial literacy projects across Canada.

This round of contributions will support programs focused on financial education and support for women, newcomers, at-risk youth, people in conflict with the law, and Aboriginal people.

"The range of initiatives supported by the Fund reflects the importance of financial literacy to all Canadians," said Elizabeth Mulholland, Chief Executive Officer, SEDI. "Financial literacy programs for vulnerable groups serve an important function in translating financial information and advice and adapting it to respond more directly to the life circumstances and needs of diverse populations."

"We are pleased to support SEDI through the TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund, which seeks to broaden access to financial literacy programs across the country - regardless of location or income level," said Scott Mullin, Vice President, Community Relations, TD Bank Group. "This Fund continues to facilitate programs and research tailored to develop the financial skills and knowledge required to meet specific needs within the communities where we live and work."

To date, the TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund has awarded approximately $9.3 million to 124 community organizations across Canada. Grants are awarded for innovation, research and development, and strategic program development in the area of community-based financial literacy. A further $1.5 million will be allocated in 2014 to financial literacy projects proposed by charitable and community organizations from across Canada.

"We've known for a long time that income is a key determinant of health", said Dr. Andrew Pinto, a family physician and public health specialist at St. Michael's Hospital and a research fellow at its Centre for Research on Inner City Health. "What we don't know is how we can best improve income security within health settings and what the impact of such interventions would be. With the support of the TD Financial Literacy Grant, we'll be able to rigorously evaluate a unique financial literacy program to improve income security for our patients through the IGNITE (addressInG iNcome securITy in primary carE) Study."

"This financial literacy project will lead to a strategic program for a community in need and provide valuable research findings," said Paul Lacerte, Executive Director, BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres. "If we can give Aboriginal people the right tools to understand their personal finances, we can impact their lives in a real and permanent way."

The following is a full list of grant recipients:

  1. BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres - Victoria, BC
  2. Canadian Literacy and Learning Network - Ottawa, ON
  3. Carrefour jeunesse-emploi de Côte-des-Neiges - Montreal, QC
  4. Catholic Family Services of Hamilton - Hamilton, ON
  5. Causeway Work Centre - Ottawa, ON
  6. Family & Children's Services of Guelph and Wellington County - Guelph, ON
  7. Focus for Ethnic Women Waterloo Region Inc. - Waterloo, ON
  8. Prince George Native Friendship Centre Society - Prince George, BC
  9. Project Hostel - Richmond Hill, ON
  10. St. Michael's Hospital Academic Family Health Team - Toronto, ON
  11. The Community Training & Development Centre - Cobourg, ON
  12. The Elizabeth Fry Society of Ottawa - Ottawa, ON
  13. The Hamilton Young Women's Christian Association - Hamilton, ON
  14. The John Howard Society of Fredericton Inc. - Fredericton, NB
  15. The Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres - Toronto, ON
  16. Victoria Native Friendship Centre - Victoria, BC
  17. Warden Woods Church and Community Centre - Scarborough, ON
  18. Windsor Women Working With Immigrant Women - Windsor, ON
  19. WOTCH Community Mental Health Services - My Sisters' Place - London, ON

For more information please visit:

About SEDI
SEDI is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for Canadians living in poverty through program and policy innovation. To learn more about SEDI's latest initiatives, the Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy, and the TD Financial Literacy Grant Fund, please visit and

TD Community Giving
TD Bank Group invests in communities in order to effect positive change in the places where it operates and where its clients and employees live and work. In 2013, TD donated more than $74.7 million to community organizations in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. In Canada, TD focuses on education and financial literacy, creating opportunities for young people and the environment. For further information, please visit

SOURCE TD Bank Group

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