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TDAM continues to refine its mutual fund line-up to provide investors with more features and flexibility, including two new currency neutral offerings, as well as series extensions and a new U.S. dollar purchase option, as applicable, for certain existing mutual funds.

TORONTO, Sept. 12, 2023 /CNW/ - Today, TD Asset Management Inc. ("TDAM") announced several changes to certain U.S. equity mutual funds, as described below, including two new currency neutral offerings. These options build upon TDAM's line-up of U.S. investment solutions, providing more opportunities and ways to help investors reach their financial goals.

TD U.S. Equity Focused Fund – Series Extension

Offered previously only in D-Series and Private Series, TD U.S. Equity Focused Fund is now available in Fee-Based Series (F), Advisor Series (A), and Investor Series (I).

TD U.S. Equity Focused Fund seeks to achieve rates of total return that, over the longer term, exceed those of its benchmark index by investing in large-capitalization U.S. stocks. The strategy aims to primarily generate returns through capital appreciation.

Key features include:

  • Focused on growth: Gain exposure to U.S. companies in growing industries with strong business models and competitive positioning that may allow them to grow faster than their peers
  • Concentrated Portfolio of Quality Compounders: Invests in companies that are generally well-established, high-quality firms with large market capitalizations demonstrating a history of growing free cash flows and sound capital management
  • Potential to increase risk adjusted returns over time: Seeks to outperform its benchmark on a risk-adjusted basis over a full market cycle

The Portfolio Managers are Damian Fernandes, CFA, Managing Director, TDAM; Benjamin Gossack, CFA, Managing Director, TDAM; David Mau, CFA, Vice President & Director, TDAM; and David Sykes, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Head of Investments, TDAM, and Senior Vice President, TD Bank Group.

New currency neutral mutual funds to hedge against foreign currency fluctuations

TDAM is expanding its currency neutral mutual fund line-up with the additions of:

  • TD U.S. Mid Cap Growth Currency Neutral Fund
  • TD U.S. Equity Focused Currency Neutral Fund

(collectively, the "New Currency Neutral Funds")

The New Currency Neutral Funds follow the same investments objectives, investment strategies, and holdings of the standard unhedged versions of their respective underlying funds (i.e., TD U.S. Mid Cap Growth Fund and TD U.S. Equity Focused Fund, respectively), but with the addition of currency derivative contracts.

The New Currency Neutral Funds seek to eliminate their respective underlying funds' direct and indirect foreign currency exposure. As such, these solutions are designed for investors looking to reduce the risk of currency fluctuations.

TDAM's currency neutral solution set also includes TD U.S. Index Currency Neutral Fund and TD International Index Currency Neutral Fund.

TD U.S. Quantitative Equity Fund – New U.S. Dollar Purchase Option

Further enhancing investor choices, TDAM has expanded its U.S. dollar currency purchase options with the introduction of the TD U.S. Quantitative Equity Fund (US$) in a Fee-Based Series (F).

The investment objective is to seek to achieve long-term capital growth by investing primarily in equity securities of issuers in the U.S., and the TD U.S. Quantitative Equity Fund utilizes a quantitative equity strategy with models that evaluate multiple factors to optimize exposure to stocks which, in the Portfolio Managers' view, are expected to outperform the overall market.

Additional information about TD Mutual Funds, including the Simplified Prospectus and Fund Facts, can be found at

Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the fund facts and prospectus, which contain detailed investment information, before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed or insured, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Mutual fund strategies and current holdings are subject to change.

TD Mutual Funds are managed by TD Asset Management Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank and are available through authorized dealers.

® The TD logo and other TD trademarks are the property of The Toronto-Dominion Bank or its subsidiaries.

About TD Asset Management Inc.

TD Asset Management Inc. ("TDAM"), a member of TD Bank Group, is a North American investment management firm. TDAM offers investment solutions to corporations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and individual investors. Additionally, TDAM manages assets on behalf of almost 2 million retail investors and offers a broadly diversified suite of investment solutions including mutual funds, professionally managed portfolios and corporate class funds. Asset management businesses at TD manage $423 billion in assets. Aggregate statistics are as of June 30, 2023 for TDAM and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. TDAM operates in Canada and Epoch Investment Partners, Inc. operates in the United States. Both entities are affiliates and are wholly-owned subsidiaries of The Toronto-Dominion Bank.

SOURCE TD Asset Management Inc.

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