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• Jan 22, 2021

As governments across Canada introduce new health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, banking customers may be looking to complete some of their banking tasks online.

And while TD customers in Canada have long had access to a suite of sophisticated digital banking tools, there are many banking tasks that customers might not know they can perform online.

TD customers can access a wealth of digital tools either from their computer or mobile device to help them perform a wide variety of banking tasks, from calculating compound interest and setting up automatic payments, to depositing cheques and booking virtual appointments with financial advisors.

Here are a few banking tasks you might not know you can perform online as a TD customer:

Perform a range of banking functions from your TD app

The TD app allows you to perform a range of banking options, including depositing cheques, viewing your account balances and transaction history, making Canadian bill payments, locating a TD branch or ATM, sending money with Interac e-Transfer®, and temporarily locking your TD credit card if you've misplaced it.

Getting set up on the TD app is easy. With an internet connection, you can put the app on your mobile device within minutes.

If you are already registered for EasyWeb, no additional registration is required – you will only need your Access Card number and EasyWeb password to login to your accounts through the TD app.

If you haven't registered for EasyWeb , you can do so by following the steps outlined here.

Track your spending with TD MySpend

One of the digital tools TD offers to help its customers track their spending is TD MySpend, a money management tool within the TD app. TD MySpend is helping more than 2 million Canadians with financial goal-setting and automatically tracking their spending in real-time. TD MySpend automatically tracks and categorizes transactions from TD deposit and credit card accounts to help customers quickly see where their money is going. TD MySpend also shares near real-time notifications about how and where they're spending. Setting monthly category spending targets can help track spending in key areas. TD MySpend lets customers adjust these targets within the app and prioritize essentials like groceries and utilities over dining out and entertainment.

Discover the benefits of utilizing a TFSA by using our TFSA calculator

A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a registered tax-advantaged savings vehicle that can help you grow your money, tax-free. With our TFSA calculator, you can compare and contrast how your savings would grow in a TFSA, compared to in a different account. Since you don’t pay taxes on the investment income or growth earned in your TFSA, your savings can grow faster. The tool also enables you to adjust different variables – such as how often you invest, how much you invest, and what rate of return you expect – to see how small changes to your savings efforts can build up over time. Click here to use our TFSA calculator.

Figure out if you're on the right financial path to retirement

The TD Retirement Calculator estimates what your monthly savings would need to be to retire with your desired income. Simply enter your age, your before-tax income, and how much you have saved for retirement already, and the tool provides you with an illustration of what your path to retirement might look like. The tool also presents you with insights on your retirement savings target, your progress, and other tips on how to get started and help ensure you're on track for retirement. You can access the TD Retirement Calculator here.

Calculate how your money can grow with a Compound Interest Calculator

Long-term investing can be a great way to save for your future. With this calculator, you can see how your savings will grow, thanks to a variety of factors including your initial contribution to a savings vehicle, regular contributions, and your annual rate of return. Once you see how your savings can grow over a set period of time, you can tweak the numbers to see how much more your savings can grow by changing the frequency and amount of your contributions. Check out the TD Compound Interest Calculator.

Automate your savings

There are a few different automated savings tools available to TD customers. With a Pre-Authorized Transfer Service (PTS) you can automatically transfer funds to your savings account on a schedule that works best for you (daily, weekly or monthly). A Pre-authorized Purchase Plan (PPP) enables you to automatically invest in TD Mutual Funds, and can be set up in person, over the phone or depending on your account, online. Finally, there's the Simply Save Program, which helps you save a little bit – between $0.50 and $5 – every time you use your TD Access Card for debit purchases or ATM withdrawals. Click here for more information on TD automated savings plans.

Schedule a virtual chat with an advisor

If you still have questions and would like to speak to an advisor, you can set up a virtual appointment with a TD Financial Advisor in just a few easy steps. Simply visit this page and let us know if this is a business or personal appointment and what you'd like to talk about (e.g. investing, home financing, etc.) and we will connect you with the right advisor. It's good practice to take time every few months to re-examine your budget and financial goals with a financial advisor.

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