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• Dec. 18, 2018

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but sometimes the merriment of the holidays can be blunted by crowded malls, awkward family gatherings, bad gifts and dreaded holiday debt.

Not this year!

From budgeting tips to uncomfortable money conversations at the dinner table, we've collected five stories that will help you sleigh the holidays.

Budget smarter

Every year we hear the same outdated holiday budgeting advice: avoid impulse buying, don't fall into holiday sales traps, and shop around to find the best deals.

But if after all that you're still worried about your January credit card bill, we've put together some new ways to budget for the holidays so you can start the New Year feeling more financially confident.

From buying gifts throughout the year to factoring in the cost of delivery, check out our upgraded budgeting tips here.

Shop safe

Whether you're braving the malls or merrily shopping online, fraudsters (also known as Grinches) may be hoping to gift themselves your credit card or bank account information.

Gift like a pro

Sometimes the most challenging holiday gift on your list is the one you need to get for your kid's teacher. Or your dog walker. Or your boss... the list goes on.

What's the recommended amount you should be spending on a holiday gift for all the helpful folks on your list? The TD Newsroom spoke with etiquette expert Lisa Orr who shares some advice.

Handle those awkward dinner money conversations

You've just sat down for your family dinner and, before you're even finished passing around the mashed potatoes, the conversation turns to that topic you always dread discussing with your folks: money.

While talking about personal finance can be uncomfortable, we've compiled some advice on how to handle four common finance conversations you may encounter over the holidays.

Use the holidays to teach kids about money

On top of all the toys, gadgets, and games your kids may get there's always one relative that will gift them a fistful of cash.

It's never too early to start teaching kids about how to manage money. Check out these three tips on how to jumpstart your kids' money management skills over the holidays.

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