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By Steve Knox
• Apr 3, 2019
Vice President, Talent Acquisition

By Steve Knox
Vice President, Talent Acquisition
TD Bank Group

Many people have experienced that uneasy feeling that comes from filling out a job application on a career site, hitting send and throwing your resume into (what feels like) a black hole in the Internet.

In an era where people increasingly live online and social media dominates so much of our attention, some of the best organizations are refreshing and modernizing their approach to talent acquisition.

Engaging with candidates using a highly personalized approach is an important part of the TD talent acquisition strategy. To help attract and retain the best of the best, organizations now need to use the power of social media to drive effective social recruitment to help propel talent acquisition out of a transactional, administrative and requisition-led approach and into a brand-led, authentic, transparent and relationship-based strategy.

It's all about finding the right people for the right roles, while ensuring employees can work towards building successful careers over the long term.

Typically, some of the best talent may not be actively looking; they may be happy where they are and may not be on the hunt for a new role. Truly effective social recruitment is about identifying the leaders of the future and connecting with them in a meaningful way.

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Over the past 12 months, we have hired close to 400 strategic candidates in key customer-facing roles and for opportunities within our technology team. These are candidates we never would have been able to engage nor pursue without social media tools.

One of the social channels we've had great success with is LinkedIn. As the world's largest professional social network, LinkedIn has been a critical and strategic tool used by TD for talent acquisition. In fact, more than 70% of the new hires we actively target have appeared on LinkedIn.

Our recruiters leverage key tools to get important market insights and engage with potential candidates on the LinkedIn platform. And our strategy is working – for the second year in a row, TD has been recognized on the LinkedIn Top Companies in Canada list, which was created by LinkedIn to celebrate the most sought-after places to work.

People are more skeptical of brands and institutions than ever before. But employees can often act as an authentic voice of the organization. And that's why going forward, organizations that make successful hires are working towards creating an employee recruiting culture, which is one that will seek to empower employees to act as informal ambassadors, through social media, on behalf their organization.

As social media evolves and technology changes, I'm excited about how we can continue to provide a personalized approach to engage future talent.

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