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Dogatm hero
• May 15, 2024

Having a ruff day? Then we have a treat for you.

TD Bank recently unveiled the first-of-its-kind Automated Treat Machine (ATM) at its South Broad location in Philadelphia.

To celebrate the ATM, the bank invited Philly PAWS to host an adoption event in April and had a good dog-gone time in the process.

"It's really been a part of connecting with our customers on a day-to-day basis," said Bianca Otero, TD Bank's South Broad Store Manager. "It just feels like it's bringing the community closer to the store."

The patent-pending ATM is two years (or 14 doggy years) in the making at TD, launching this past January. It works via a motion detector for free treat dispensing and includes its own dog-centric content that speaks directly to our canine friends. However, our furry customers weren't the only ones getting some tasty goodies at the event as TD, known for its commitment to supporting local small businesses, enlisted Tiny's Tasty Treats to bake 300 special TD cookies so that the humans could also enjoy some snacks.

Watch the video below for a recap of the event.


Michael Snyder, TD's Head of Regional & Distribution Marketing, said that the idea came about more than two years ago. Known for the #UnexpectedlyHuman brand campaign, TD is always looking for ways to relate to the people behind the transactions, including our dog-loving customers.

"We were challenged with creating distinct, uniquely TD experiences in our stores, true manifestations of the brand," he said. "Basically, how do we bring unexpectedly human to life in unexpected ways?"

The ATM and the kickoff event was a way to "inject a bit of fun and excitement" into the brand and the community.

"It was a big moment of differentiation for us," he added.

Why Philly is so Important to TD

Rick Carrion, Retail Market Manager for the Philadelphia area, said that customers and their dogs love it so much, that they now see repeat pup customers walking right up to the ATM to get more treats.

With two new stores coming later this year in the Philadelphia area, Rick said examples of innovations like the doggy ATM simply show how TD likes to support the communities it serves.

"[Philly] is definitely an important part of our strategy going forward," Rick said about the market and the city.

For Bianca, events like the dog adoption with PAWS is one of the reasons she loves working at TD.

"We are able to give back to the community, bring the community together and build that relationship which continues to grow," she said. "And we made not only our customers happy but we're also helping to find homes for pups in need across the city."

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