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Chris Fred
By Chris Fred
• Jun 7, 2023
Head of U.S. Credit Cards & Unsecured Lending

Good products start by listening to the customer. That is a concept we live by at TD Bank and the driving force behind TD Clear, a new credit card that is first of its kind in the U.S. market and a game-changer for our customers.

TD Clear is a subscription-based credit card with no interest—just a straightforward monthly fee.

Customers can choose between two products: a $10 monthly fee for a $1,000 credit limit or a $20 monthly fee for a $2,000 credit limit, with no hidden fees.

That means no foreign transaction fees, no annual fees, no cash advance fees, no over-the-limit fees, no returned payment fees, and no interest charges.

In short, this card makes it "clear" what your payment will be each month like nothing else out there today.

TD Clear's Origin Story

Research showed us there was a large portion of potential customers out there who are apprehensive about using credit cards, fearing mounting debt and the inability to budget appropriately. Concepts such as Average Daily Balances, interest calculations and minimum payment can sometime be confusing.

In short, they wanted something much clearer (hence the product name), a new kind of card that provides simplicity with a predictable monthly payment.

With simple monthly payments with no interest, TD Clear is a great option for customers looking for a simple solution to their credit needs.

The card and the concept hit on some of the concerns we kept hearing, including control, predictability and understanding what people need to pay each month for their budgets.

Potential TD Clear Customers

Through the monthly fee, TD Clear cardholders have access to a revolving credit line to help manage ebbs and flows of cashflow with predictability in their minimum monthly payments.

All while avoiding accumulating interest over time.

The card is well suited for customers who are new to credit cards and looking for a simple solution to get started but might not know where to begin.

The card also helps those who are "credit curious" and looking to build their credit score over time in a safe manner while retaining control and certainty over their payments and cashflow.

And finally, this card is a useful tool in helping customer's budget appropriate, ensuring they stay on top of their expenses with predictable payments, while also building their credit history in a responsible manner.

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