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Moira Kowal
By Moira Kowal
• Aug 5, 2019
Head of Sales Strategy & Customer Development

Moira Kowal is head of sales strategy & customer development for TD Bank Asset Based Lending. She has over 30 years of experience in driving commercial growth for corporate finance organizations. In her current leadership role, Moira is responsible for developing and executing key strategies to maximize shareholder value in alignment with business growth and risk objectives; managing business strategy, sales effectiveness, market analytics and reporting, communications, employee experience and business improvements.

Throughout her career, Moira has held several roles in marketing, salesforce effectiveness, administration and strategy. In these roles, she managed customer service programs and events, was a team lead in building and deploying CRM systems and integral in design and execution of business strategies as well as championing an employee advisory committee. Moira started her career with GE Capital, where she spent 23 years, and has also worked at RBS Commercial Finance and CIT Group, Commercial & Industrial. She has been with TD Bank for seven years. Moira is currently co-lead of the TD Bank Corporate & Specialty Women in Leadership Council. She also serves on the development committee for Notre Dame School of Manhattan. Moira is a graduate of Fordham University with a BS and is Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

What advice would you offer to women just starting out in the industry?

Be flexible and adaptive in managing your career. Hierarchical promotions are not the only way to climb the proverbial corporate ladder. Broadening your knowledge base beyond one discipline of skills expands your capabilities and value.

The finance industry is not a “one-trick” pony. There are many functions across a business beyond originations, credit, risk and operations. Contributions from strategy, marketing, technology, regulatory and organizational development are critical roles in building and maintaining a best-in-class organization. Companies strive to continuously innovate and create efficiencies, which often result in stretch opportunities for employees where they can learn different skills and participate in other aspects of the business. When these projects or initiatives arise, raise your hand to the challenge. These opportunities not only allow you to develop new skills and expand your network of contacts, but also typically give you exposure to senior management.

What do you know now that you wish you knew in the beginning of your career?

How invaluable a strong professional network is to career development. I was fortunate to develop a solid base of valuable contacts both professionally and personally. An extensive network within all levels and areas of an organization provides reliable resources for the many needs and situations that come in and out of your life. They can be both the biggest supporters of your achievements as well as first responders when you need assistance.

What kind of role has mentoring and/or sponsorship played in your career?

I am fortunate to have had the support from both mentors and sponsors throughout my career, and I am grateful for how these different relationships have helped to shape my career. My mentors are people I trust to provide the right guidance because they demonstrate the characteristics I admire. They are not formal relationships, but were cultivated over time; may not know I consider them mentors or even the way they have influenced me. My sponsors, on the other hand, were true champions of challenging my potential and unlocking opportunities. In looking back, many of these relationships were cultivated during my participation in new initiatives; I was able to demonstrate value and be recognized outside of my day-to-day role. The confidence and guidance of my mentors in teaching and answering questions and the influence of my many sponsors contributed to my achievements.

What do you think the industry could do to attract and retain the best and the brightest today?

I think the finance industry attracts great talent, and is then challenged with retaining them. Young professionals are the innovative future leaders and are looking for more than a job or career; they want to be impactful and be recognized for the value they bring. You’ll find that companies with a high level of retention keep employees engaged, provide continuous training, encourage development opportunities and invest in innovation products and services.

At TD, we place emphasis on the employee experience – transparent communication ensures everyone is informed; individualized development planning creates opportunities for people based on their interests and goals; and active community involvement results in positive change and influence in the places we live and work.

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