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• Oct 9, 2023

While fall and winter temperatures cool down from the hot summer of 2023, industry experts are already predicting that Americans will continue to travel at record-breaking paces this holiday season.

PricewaterhouseCooper's (PwC) annual Holiday Outlook report states that 47 percent of consumers plan to travel this holiday season. Winter travel-related spending is expected to increase this year by a robust 12 percent compared with the 2022 holiday season, according to the report. Continue reading below for some ideas on how to navigate this as you start building your holiday travel plans:

Get your car road-ready

A mechanic can inspect the condition of your battery, oil level, and tire tread to make sure you're prepared for the worst. In addition, it doesn't hurt to pack a safety kit that includes emergency items such as water, non-perishable snacks, a scraper, blankets, and a flashlight.

Do your research if going abroad

While traveling domestically requires careful planning, going overseas for the holidays can be even trickier. Each country has its own requirements for foreigner travelers, which can change at any time. You may want to consult the State Department's Travel Advisories webpage not only during the planning phase of your trip, but shortly before you leave as well.

Consider a travel agent

With ticket-booking websites making it easy to compare airline fares, travel agents may seem as archaic as switchboard operators.
But the truth is, these professionals do a lot to help customers navigate the complexities of travel. They can be especially helpful to international travelers, notifying you of updates to a given country's entry requirements and serving as your advocate if there's a complication.

Buy travel insurance for added protection

But be aware: not all travel insurance plans cover COVID-19, so you may want to select "cancel for any reason" coverage. Even if purchasing one of these more comprehensive policies, be sure to read the fine print so you know what's covered and what isn't.

Book flights sooner than later

You don't want to wait too long before booking. On average, the ideal time to buy a ticket in the winter is between 74 and 116 days before the flight, according to a 2019 analysis by the fare comparison site

Watch out for scams

Travel scams are among the most common forms of fraud —enough to prompt the Better Business Bureau to issue an alert earlier this year to travelers. In one frequent ploy, the scammers post a fake website that looks like it belongs to a real airline or hotel chain. Unsuspecting patrons call the customer service number that's shown, often providing credit card or personal information to the person on the other end of the line. If you have an issue with your reservation this holiday season, take extra care to verify that the website you're on is the real deal.

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