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• May 29, 2020

TD colleagues say 'thank you' to NYC healthcare workers

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Sometimes a meal means so much more than just providing food. It was that thought that recently motivated TD Bank colleagues in New York City to donate a lunch for the health care workers at Memorial Sloan Kettering working on the frontlines treating COVID-19 patients.

The TD team had a special tie to the staff at Sloan Kettering – Emmet Conlon, TD's Head of US Healthcare, is married to Erin Conlon, a Nurse Practitioner at Sloan Kettering. She's been working in the Head Neck Melanoma Sarcoma (HNMS) service as well as the Thoracic unit for over a decade. But in recent months, she has been supporting the COVID-19 unit treating the most critically ill patients.

"It's a special person who dedicates their life to treating and caring for others, so I cannot say enough about their work," Emmet said. "Unfortunately, it can be one that is taken for granted until needed or called upon. As with any hospital system, these frontline workers have been under incredible stress given the recent circumstances. The sense of duty and selfless compassion she and all healthcare workers demonstrate every day has been truly amazing to witness and really puts life in perspective. I couldn't be prouder of her."

The idea to provide a luncheon for the staff treating COVID-19 patients came from Emmet's team who wanted to show support for those on the frontlines.


Sloan Kettering is a TD client. The restaurant that provided the meal was Pescatore, a TD client as well, "which really brought it full circle," according to Emmet.

"During these tumultuous times, support from outside entities is essential to keeping our spirits up and helping us to continue the difficult work we do," Erin said. "We have seen more sadness than we have ever thought possible and knowing the community is here to support us brings a little sunshine to a dark day."

The difficult times for healthcare workers made easier by gestures of gratitude

Although we consider our healthcare workers superheroes, these modest role models often see it in a different way.

"I think we all fear we haven't done enough. Enough for our patients, enough for our co-workers or enough for our families," Erin said. "We live in fear of contracting COVID-19 and bringing it home to the ones we love most. Every day we just hope for the best and do what we have been trained to do."

The gestures of gratitude are highly appreciated by Erin and the many New York City healthcare workers who are greeted each day at 7 PM with a round of grateful applause throughout the city.

"I love when I get out of work early enough to hear the cheers, clapping, pots banging, music playing and laughter along York Avenue," Erin said. "It has brought a smile to my face and a mist to my eye knowing we are all so loved and appreciated. Even the random 'thank you' from a stranger on the street has a lasting impact on the morale of a healthcare worker."

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