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• Feb 11, 2019

When TD Bank's Nora Hamza first heard about the hashtag #blackexcellence last year, it gave her pause.

"A lot of time is spent during Black History Month talking about the challenges and appreciation of ancestors who shaped history, which is extremely important, said Nora, a Special Assistant & Senior Manager, Strategy and Planning, Personal Savings and Investing based in Toronto. "But we missed the opportunity to celebrate Black Excellence in that moment."

"There are many great people doing amazing things at TD Bank and globally that do not get the spotlight they deserve, she added. "It's so important to take the time to look around you and celebrate excellence that is exemplified every day. We want to celebrate that 365 days a year."

The 13-year TD Bank veteran provided additional insights below about Black Excellence and Leaving a Legacy:

How do you define Black Excellence?

It's hard to define Black Excellence because it's not something tangible, not a single person, or a thing. In fact, we are surrounded by Black Excellence, even though we may not know or acknowledge it. For me when I think about Black Excellence I think of black people doing GREAT things, it could be small or large. It's not limited to celebrities or what's trending on social media. It could be as small as the way someone is carrying themselves or someone achieving a milestone. It’s a feeling or spirit that exemplifies excellence.

How do you exhibit Black Excellence personally and professionally?

Every day I focus on being my best self and holding myself to a high standard of excellence in all my interactions both personally and professionally. I'm grateful to be able to bring my whole authentic self to work every day, and I try and focus on always striving to do better. It's not always easy, but with the right attitude and spirit, it's doable. It's less about what you are doing everyday but more how you are doing it. The 'how' goes a very long way.

This year our theme is Black Excellence and leaving a legacy, who exemplifies Black Excellence and how does (or has) this person left a legacy that impacts everyone?

This is a tough question as it's hard for me to identify just one person and that's because we all in some way or shape exemplify Black Excellence and by doing so we are all contributing to a legacy of hope, opportunity and equality.

How does Black Excellence equate to your work at TD Bank?

If I think about my own experience, I spent a lot of time early in my career trying to get people to see my potential and invest in my development. It took only one person that believed in me and invested in me that has led to the success I've experienced thus far. I want to be able to pay that forward and provide black employees with opportunity to realize their full potential and that starts with just getting closer to employees across the organization and investing time to support their dreams and aspirations.

In one word what does Black History Month mean to you?


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