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• Sep 9, 2020

TD Thanks You kicks off by honoring those making a difference

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta of Danny & Ron's Rescue in South Carolina have always been there for the community when families and their beloved pets need them most.

Over the past 15 years, these TD Small Business customers have passionately worked to save an average of 900 dogs a year, more than 12,000 in total, that are abandoned or starving due to natural disasters, people's inability to care for these animals and even the most recent global pandemic.

The number of abandoned pets has soared recently due to rising unemployment rates and financial uncertainty amid COVID-19.

Because of this, Danny and Ron took extra animals into their own home and organized food drives, giving out over 44,000 pounds of cat and dog food to families struggling during this unprecedented time. They also delivered food and supplies to more than 48 elderly people living in poverty.

But TD Bank thought it was time someone gave back to this passionate pair through the #TDThanksYou campaign, which has and will honor more than a dozen customers, colleagues and community partners who stepped up to help the past few months amid the pandemic.

We asked Colleagues to identify acts of selflessness they have witnessed. They told us about the ways, big and small, that these community heroes have shown courage, ingenuity and optimism in the face of incomparable challenges, making an impact where it means the most and living TD's core values.

Hundreds of amazing stories emerged – from customers who delivered home-cooked meals to children and families to colleagues who started grassroots initiatives that helped raise thousands of dollars for local organizations.

For Danny and Ron, TD provided them with necessary services to continue their mission like a professional groomer and photographer for the more than 30 pups currently staying at the rescue. It's an honor to help such an inspirational duo.

"COVID-19 has transformed the lives of so many," said Arianna Orpello, TD Bank Head of Brand, Channel, Community & Field Marketing. "With our vast network and community presence, we have the privilege and platform to showcase those who take these challenges head-on and enrich our communities. #TDThanksYou is about shining a light on these unsung heroes who strive to make our world a better place. As with all inspiring community leaders, Danny and Ron have used this pandemic as a catalyst to work harder and help even more people during this time."

Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta of Danny & Ron's Rescue

A time when 'Thank You' means more than words

Rosa Barosso, a licensed mental health counselor

Others honored through the campaign include Rosa Barosso, a licensed mental health counselor, who has been combating COVID-19 by supporting both the physical and mental health of people in her community.

The Miami Lakes, Fl., resident has been volunteering at numerous food drives, along with counseling local seniors dealing with isolation during this unprecedented time.

"It's easy to ignore the mental stress a pandemic like COVID-19 can cause on our most vulnerable populations during times like these," she said. "It's just as important for seniors, who can't see most people due to them being high risk, to know we are here to support them from a psychological perspective as well as a physical. Sometimes just checking in with them virtually means all the difference in the world."

Rosa Barosso, a licensed mental health counselor

To help Rosa continue to see patients during this time, TD gifted her tablets so that those who need her help the most will have a way to see and talk to her without the risk of contracting the virus physically.

Matt Gullotta, the founder of Gullotta House

Matt Gullotta, the founder of Gullotta House, runs a non-profit based in Westchester, NY, that helps residents in need.

Since the pandemic began, Matt has raised $90,000, organized volunteers and provided 62,000 free meals to homebound residents, helping local restaurants in the process.

Matt does this for his community, all while inspiring those around him as a cancer survivor. Currently, his wife is battling the same disease, so TD thanked Matt by helping his family at home.

For the next few months, TD is going to provide the Gullotta's some relief, hiring professional services to care for the inside and outside of their home, so that he and his wife don't have to lift a finger.

"I'm so touched" Matt said. "Everything I do for Westchester is because the people have been there for me through thick and thin. This is a tight-knit community that means the world to me and my wife. Knowing that TD is there for us too is just such a beautiful gesture of love."

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