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Angela Conti with colleagues
By Angela Conti
• Aug 31, 2020
Head of Consumer Payments

Angela Conti reflects on her inspiring journey, battling bias, to becoming an industry leader

By Angela Conti, Head of Consumer Payments, TD Bank AMCB

Angela Conti is the Head of Consumer Payments at TD Bank, AMCB. She recently wrote this first-person piece for after being honored by the outlet as one of the 2020 Most Influential Women in Payments. Here's her inspiring take on women in her industry and what the future holds.

COVID-19 is changing how we interact and is accelerating the pace of change across multiple industries, perhaps most pronounced in payments. With change comes opportunity, specifically the opportunity to improve inclusion and drive towards equality.

As I reflect on why I'm so passionate about advancing women in payments leadership, it's because I've seen firsthand that diversity definitively leads to better results. But unlocking the power of diversity doesn't just happen, it starts with inclusion, so we can benefit from diverse insights that will drive innovation to shape the future of payments.

When I think about my personal journey, I've battled bias and have embraced change at every step. As a teen mom, most thought I wouldn't finish high school, thought I was crazy for applying to an Ivy League University, and thought I was too nice and soft spoken to succeed in business.

Angela Conti and her children

As I've navigated my career, I've worked hard to overcome those stereotypes. Thanks to mentors who embraced inclusive leadership and took a chance on me, I've learned to put myself out there to pursue bigger roles and increased responsibilities. I haven't always landed the role I wanted, but I've taken those setbacks as opportunities to seek out actionable feedback, deepen connections and plan towards the future. It's important that I repay those who included and uplifted me by mentoring and sponsoring future women leaders myself.

I think the old myth of men handling all the finances for the family is finally gone once and for all. Women are increasingly the financial decision makers in the household; they're doing the shopping and paying the bills.

As a wife and mother of children spanning the ages of 8 to 24, I often look inward to what I might need or want at different stages in my life as a parent. I've also learned to speak up and not be afraid to share an insight, even if it's a personal one. Take a chance, share your intimate knowledge, it will make for a more relatable solution and have others see you in a more human light.

Angela and her family

Diversity drives innovation. Women are often juggling constant change both at home and at work, especially in these unprecedented times where work and home are blended for many. Women are change champions and we need their diverse insights and experiences to fuel innovation that will help shape the future of payments. As we continue to innovate and solve the problems for new demographics, not only will our customer base grow, but we'll continue to move towards a fair and balanced society. It's not always the case, but currently what's good for the business is also good for humanity.

Inclusion. Insight. Innovation. Now is the time to take action and advance women leaders in the payments industry.

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