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• Jan 14, 2019

TD launched its Unexpectedly Human brand campaign, which shows how the bank prioritizes modern convenience and customer centricity, while elevating its focus on local communities and small businesses. Developed with a sense of humor and healthy dose of humanity, the campaign celebrates the bank's reputation as a customer service innovator with a distinct culture.

"Consumers want to connect with brands that promise outstanding products, provide extraordinary customer service, and make a positive impact on communities," said Pat McLean, Chief Marketing Officer at TD Bank. "At TD, we pride ourselves on delivering customized, seamless experiences that feel local and authentic. Unexpectedly Human takes customer centricity to the next level – not only are we vowing to treat you as person, but we're committed to delivering an incredible experience, each and every time. This campaign demonstrates that we're everything you'd expect from a bank – plus, everything you wouldn't."

A key trademark of the campaign is its personalized, hyper-local approach, which reflects TD's commitment to its customers and communities. The campaign includes video executions that bring the bank's unique personality to life, engaging billboards, local engagement via social media, and experiential activations at transportation hubs in select markets.

Unexpectedly Human is currently available via:

  • Video – Three different commercials will run on TV in select markets from Maine to Florida, now through the end of February. More than 2,400 spots will run, with placements in a variety of top programs, like Saturday Night Live, Modern Family, and Grey's Anatomy, as well as the Oscars, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and the Grammys. Video reach will be extended in select markets via online video through providers like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon.
  • Social media – Localized Unexpectedly Human content will be featured on TD Bank's social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter, in addition to paid ad placements across all four platforms.
  • Outdoor – Digital and static billboards on storefronts, bus shelters, and train stations in select markets across our footprint, including station dominations in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.
  • Mobile – Videos and other content will be available on mobile platforms.
  • Internet – Sponsored content, online video, and display ads on various sites and ad networks that will drive to a campaign microsite.

Most People Believe They Do Something Nice on Daily Basis, According to Survey

The TD Bank Unexpectedly Human survey of 1,513 consumers found that the majority of people believe they act in unexpectedly nice ways more often than they are treated in kind.

  • More than half surveyed (54 percent) say they do something nice for someone else at least once a day, while less than one third of respondents (32 percent) say something nice is done for them just as often.

Americans with children lead the way in daily doses of kindness, with six-in-ten respondents (60 percent) doing something nice for others at least once daily There was no significant difference in response between genders, with more than half of men (56 percent) and women (51 percent) answering that they do something nice at least once a day.

On the receiving end, men (39 percent) and millennials (38 percent) say someone does something nice for them at least once a day. Only 29 percent of boomers, however, get the same treatment. Gen Xers (29 percent), women (27 percent) and boomers (26 percent), are among the least recognized, and say they receive nice treatment less than once a month.

Nice Gesture Often Involves Cash

When it comes to the types of kind gestures Americans would appreciate, cash rules, followed by a special experience, like a weekend away or a night out with someone special. Those surveyed would prefer monetary support (29 percent) or a special experience (19 percent) over:

  • Special treat or self-indulgence (15 percent)
  • Day off from responsibilities (10 percent)
  • Support at work (4 percent)
  • Childcare for a day (2 percent)

Of those who opted for a financial gesture:

  • One-third (33 percent) wanted $500 towards their holiday budget
  • More than one-quarter (26 percent) wanted a bill paid off for them
  • Twenty-two percent wanted their rent or mortgage paid for a month, and 13 percent would welcome a paid grocery tab.

Kindness is Appreciated

In today's world, it often feels that we hardly have time to catch our breath, much less speak to people. Yet nearly half of consumers surveyed (44 percent) say they most appreciate when someone is unexpectedly nice or kind towards them, significantly outpacing interactions that are just friendly (8 percent), helpful (6 percent), generous (5 percent) or appreciative/thankful (3 percent).

TD Bank has been on a mission to treat our customers with consideration and understanding while providing the best in class financial services – a rare combination in the banking industry.

"At TD, we pride ourselves on doing things differently – from the tangible support we give our communities, to the extra conveniences we offer, to the way we engage with our customers," McLean said. "Our Unexpectedly Human brand promises that we'll do what matters most, especially when you least expect it. Think of how you feel when someone holds a door when your hands are full, surprises you with a gift, or treats you to a cup of coffee. These small gestures can change your day. That's how we want our customers to feel when they bank with TD. Our Unexpectedly Human brand seeks to exceed our customers' expectations about what a bank can be."

TD Bank teamed up with creative agency partner TBWA\Chiat\Day New York to develop the new brand positioning "Unexpectedly Human," which sets out to defy consumers' expectations of what a bank can be. The new campaign champions all the human aspects of a bank that no one else shows in an unexpected way, features everyday human insights, and aims to contrast the stuffy, apathetic attitude you'd expect to find at your average bank. The launch of Unexpectedly Human comes to life in a multi-channel campaign that spans key markets in TD's regional footprint. Whether it's replacing your lost debit card, saving you from remembering a hundred different passwords, or catching our bankers while they have a little fun, TD Bank showcases what it means to be a treated like a human.

To learn more about TD Bank and its Unexpectedly Human brand promise stop by a store, visit us at or find us on social media at and

For additional information on our Unexpectedly Human survey, please contact Lisa Sawicki at

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