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By Girish Ganesan
• Jun 3, 2019
Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, TD Bank Group and Head of Talent, AMCB

Note: The following blog post was originally posted to LinkedIn

By Girish Ganesan, Head of U.S. Talent, TD Bank

TD strives to be an organization that's supportive of all our talent – a place where every employee has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential and where they can truly be themselves. We firmly believe, without a culture of inclusion, diversity is largely unrealized potential.

As we approach the month of June and get ready to celebrate Pride, we are excited to be a premium sponsor of WorldPride in New York City given our longstanding commitment to help build an inclusive society for our LGBTQ2+ colleagues, customers, and communities.

World Pride (the marquee global LGBTQ2+ gathering) travels to different countries and will be hosted in the U.S. for the first time this June 2019 in New York City. This is a special year: the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in the US, and the decriminalization of homosexuality in Canada. TD’s support of the LGBTQ2+ community will include initiatives for youth pride, family event, human rights conference and a diversity and inclusion summit. An estimated 400 TD colleagues and allies will carry the TD and TD Ameritrade brands in the PRIDE march.

Pride is a state of mind

TD supports 83 Pride festivals and over 160 LGBTQ2+ community initiatives across North America. As voiced by my colleagues, Pride isn't just a month to us, it's a state of mind. Pride is about living every day out with integrity and honesty, so we can make a difference for others.

At TD, our most important resource is our people. We know that our people do their best work and have the best experience when they are free and encouraged to be themselves. This creates an environment which sparks creativity, innovation, empathy, and fun to be a great place to work - Jennifer Young, Head of HR, TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank and TD Securities.

At TD, we believe that work should be a place where people can be their authentic selves. I am extremely proud of our sponsorship of the New York City WorldPride. It aligns with our continual commitment to diversity and inclusion, which is critical to achieving our mission to be a leading North American Bank - Andrew Bregenzer – Regional President, Metro New York, TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank

At TD, we make it a priority to share our stories, creating understanding and empathy. By having a deeper understanding of each other we have been able to build and sustain the culture of respect and inclusion that makes TD unique - Malcolm Lang, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, TD Securities

I approach each and every day on the principle of treating others like I want to be treated. I believe that TD also embodies this principle by treating all of its employees and customers equally and with the upmost respect. TD supports individuality and understands how that collective individuality can be a force in building and shaping an organization whose culture supports people from all walks of life - Allen Love, Chair, U.S. Diversity Leadership Team and Head Fraud Risk Management and Global Security & Investigations

I love TD because we just don't say we support our LGBTQ2+ colleagues, we ensure equitable treatment is accessible through employee benefits, including medical, dental, vision and supplemental life insurance which are available to domestic partners of the same or opposite sex. We show our support through meaningful action - Shelley Sylva, Head of Social Impact, TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank

We have a longstanding commitment to supporting our LGBTQ2+ colleagues, customers, and community. We want the best talent to know that they can experience a unique and inclusive culture here at TD - Alvin Poon, Senior Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, TD Bank Group

Inclusion is a journey not a destination

We recognize that, while we’ve made progress as a society and at TD, the LGBTQ2+ community’s journey to inclusion continues—we still have a lot of work to do. Over the years, the LGBTQ2+ acronym itself has expanded as people start to understand their own identities better. As an organization with a multi-generational workforce, we know the needs of our colleagues have evolved and are different from years past.

This has been further affirmed by a survey we recently conducted in partnership with the Community Marketing & Insights (CMI), which included 1,251 LGBTQ2+ community members living in the United States. It highlights some key generational differences especially what millennials look for in potential employers and think of diversity and inclusion. They value a brand that outwardly acknowledges its support of the LGBTQ2+ community. This is a key a determining factor in them applying to a company or coming out to their co-workers.

Looking back at the journey of our community, the history of the LGBTQ2+ population has often been about invisibility, hiding, fear and a sense of shame. We stand proudly together with our LGBTQ2+ colleagues, providing an open and welcoming environment to enable them to grow, thrive, and actualize their full potential as their authentic selves - Tim Thompson, Chair, LGBTQ2+ Executive Steering Committee, TD Bank Group and Senior Vice President, Personal Banking Strategy and Transformation.

Like everybody else, LGBTQ2+ community simply wants to belong. TD understands that, working purposefully and proudly to foster an inclusive environment that truly values the vibrancy and the contributions of the community. Playing a role in nurturing that environment is a privilege I'm grateful for - Timothy J. Taylor, U.S. Lead, LGBTQ2+ and Director of Retail Operations, Southern New England, TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank

I approach my work like a team sport and because of that it’s important to have diversity of talent, thought, backgrounds, and lifestyles to be able to approach tasks and challenges from all angles. Inclusivity is key to bringing the best out of every team member and knowing that there is value in everyone - Stephanie Eckersley-Ray, Head of Service Delivery, TD Bank, America's Most Convenient Bank

At TD, we are proud to be a brand that chooses to listen and celebrate what is both common and different because we are better when we are inclusive as an organization. Please join me and my colleagues in our commitment to equality and inclusion.

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