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woman showing her child cyber safety
• Dec 10, 2020

Cory Nelson, TD's Head of Global Security and Investigations, has insight on the best ways to help parents keep their children safe in his extensive career in law enforcement, including 22 years at the FBI where he was a Special Agent in Charge.

But nothing beat the first-hand experience of being a father to two teenage sons and making sure that the two boys had a "clear understanding of what they should and should not do."

Cory emphasizes that parents need to "treat safety as you do in the physical world."

It's a difficult balance to be maintain both vigilance and trust, and it changes as children get older, according to Cory.

He notes that perhaps the most important action parents can take is to "start early to talk about topics like bullying and inappropriate sharing. Children should know that they can come to their parents and be comfortable to talk about any online behavior that makes them uncomfortable."

View the video for more tips from Cory.

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