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Tim Taylor
• Jun 17, 2019

Tim Taylor is a voice for LGBTQ2+ Community at TD

Tim Taylor fully expected that his life as a gay man would include roadblocks for major life decisions, such as where to seek employment and how his most significant relationship would be recognized by society.

"I understood there would be certain limitations and that I would have to work around them," said Tim who is TD's Director of Operations, Retail Banking - Southern New England. "It's amazing how things have changed. We're in the middle of a presidential campaign and a married gay man is a candidate. It's inspiring and incredibly surprising."

Tim has worked at TD for 16 years, starting as an Assistant Store Manager in Brooklyn. He has seen the bank evolve with the changing attitudes and more acceptance of the LGBTQ2+ community.

"Time and again, I've experienced the benefits of workplace equality here at TD," he said. "I'm confident that my contributions are evaluated solely on the work I do and how I do it. I feel seen and heard through our inclusive culture and workplace policies. My identity as a gay man and as a member of the Queer community is not considered a burden."

He notes that TD's Platinum Sponsorship of WorldPride this year demonstrates the Bank's commitment to supporting the LGBTQ2+ community. WorldPride includes the Pride March, the Human Rights Conference and the TD Bank Employee Summit Events, all happening in New York City from June 24-30.

Advocating for his community

Tim has an important role in helping TD on its journey to becoming a fully inclusive employer. He is the Advice Council Lead for issues related to the LGBTQ2+ community within Human Resources and Senior Management. In this role, he provides perspective and guidance for such critical issues as benefits and ensuring the workplace environment is open to all.

"Everyone appreciates having someone at the table and advocating for them and their interests" Tim said. "That's what I do for our community."

Tim encourages all members of the LGBTQ2+ community to take advantage of resources such as Business Resource Groups (BRG). He was not surprised at the data in TD's recent Workplace and Financial Equality survey, which found that only 18 percent of millennial LGBTQ2+ workers indicated that they have access to an LGBTQ2+ Business Resource Group at their place of work.

"In the workplace, a resource group led by and made up of queer folks provides a space in which LGBTQ2+ people can learn and develop – they can collaborate professionally, they can build work friendships, be mentored by senior leaders, experience the satisfaction of volunteerism, and benefit from the networking that traditionally benefits the careers of heterosexual and cisgender folks," he said.

The generational divide about identity

The TD survey found that 42 percent of millennial LGBTQ2+ workers either use gender-neutral pronouns for themselves or have a partner or close friend that uses gender-neutral pronouns, compared to only 26 percent of LGBTQ2+ Gen X and baby boomer workers.

Tim was quite encouraged at TD's decision last year to broaden its efforts on how members of the LGBTQ2+ define themselves.

"TD understands that the community continues to evolve," he said. "Folks that are gender non-binary, or gender fluid—it's important for them to be seen and heard as an employee or customer," he said. "The response to our new and more inclusive LGBTQ2+ initialism has been positive all the way around."

The long road ahead

Tim does acknowledge though while there has been a lot of progress, his community still faces many challenges in achieving full acceptance.

"Despite the progress around workplace inclusion and diversity, there are many people who are a part of the community who decide not to come out at work," he said. "There is a lot of opportunity beyond the four walls of TD and still a lot of work to be done to foster acceptance and inclusion."

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